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Come and see a circle of sunburst on a beautiful sunny evening sunset

Come and see a circle of sunburst on a beautiful sunny evening sunset

Is not it better to stay at home on the weekend than on the weekend, go home with family, spend time with relaxation, enjoyment, and freedom? Yes. You will definitely like it. Now we are talking about a beautiful place where you can spend your vacation in peace. Either mangrove Eco Village. A nice hotel in Madhangam. A quiet place with peace and tranquility. The Eco Village hotel in Mangrove is located about a kilometer from the Balapitiya town. Both Galle Road and Hiaveya can be easily reached at Eko Village Hotel. If it's coming from Highway, we need to come out from Kurudugaha Hathakma.
It can accommodate up to 20 people at the Eco Village Hotel, air-conditioned luxury rooms and masonry furniture and coconut-roofed rooms. If you are enjoying the beauty of the countryside and admiring the environment, these eco-friendly rooms will suit you.
Also, the swimming pool at Eco Village Hotel is also very nice. Have the sun shine in the sky in the afternoon and see the sunset in the cold water of the pool? Or do you want to see the look at the scenery while taking a boat and enjoying the beauty of the river Madhu? Ecologically mangrove Eagle Village, you can experience any kind of experience without any hindrance.
And there is another thing that can not be overlooked. It's a delicious meal. Eco Village, Eagle Village, Eagle Village, Eagle Village, Eagle Towers Especially when you have a fresh fish. Hotel staff are very friendly. They are always ready to fulfill your needs. If you like, go to the shore of the shores of Lake Tahoe and bring up a new, fresh power fish leech and cook the hotel chef.

The manager also told us that we have all the facilities to organize outdoor parties. You can also satisfy the need for Ayurvedic massage if you want to satisfy the need. Mangrove Eco Village is ready.

For a two and a half-hour boat trip to the Mad River, it will be a new experience for you to make a boat trip. During that trip, you can go to a house on the river to the side of the river, as well as to the house of cinnamon products as well as to the Phish Therapy. The lady tells you about the rustling of cinnamon and will tell you about it. Also, a box that holds around 1000 fish sticks to your legs and wants to make you feel more beautiful. It's probably like the legs for kiki, is not it? Take a look at the mangroves Eco Village Hotel.

Where is the best place to spend your holiday?

Where is the best place to spend your holiday?

Would you like a trip one year a trip? There is no economic problem with this pattern. 
But it's good if you make a living for a couple of days or two. 
It's not easy to get people together with your dear ones and with friends.
A trip is that a good solution to all of these issues .Also, let's see how beautiful this is in Sri Lanka. 
Why not just leave the country for free and enjoy a good vacation? 
How many free places are there in this country? So if you do not go around a circle with a family member,
 then you will be repentant after a crime. As a matter of fact, 
stay calm in any part of the country with all the amenities.
 Prepare yourself now How can you break up in a beautiful place with all the luxury amenities in any part of Sri Lanka.
01.   Arugambay
   It's Arugam Bay, one of the nicest beaches in Sri Lanka. And today, the tourist attraction is a large area. This coastal belt, 
where the southern coast of Sri Lanka turns to the east, is now a tourist resort. 
This time is the opportunity to go on vacation in Arugam Bay. 
Because this time the hustle and bustle is quite low.
 What are Arugam B Bay famous for? Sarfing. Arugam Bay is the best place for surfing Sri Lanka.

02.   Ella

If you go to Ella you have to go to Ravana Falls. This lovely worm that flows from the weeds of the weeds is by Ella Wellawaya. 
There are close to Elagala Manda, some Sri Pada Handa as well as Ravana Cave close to those who like Adventure Sports. 
The name of the prominent Demodera Archaeological Museum is the place where to go. There is a lovely little resort from the Falls yet.
 That is the Dowa Raja Maha Viharaya. A small but very beautiful ancient temple.
03.   Hikkaduwa

Hikkaduwa, located on the southern coast of Sri Lanka, is definitely the place to talk about tourism in Sri Lanka. 
A place where foreigners have always been attracted to the British colonial era.
 This has created a unique culture in this region. The Hikkaduwa coral reef is the nicest thing in Hikkaduwa. 
Hikkaduwa beach is a place where you can enjoy relaxing and to play with them. 
There are also a lot of fun events, such as surfing, and Divewink.
04.   Habarana
Habarana reminds me of what's on the go. What else is Elvis. It's not just wild elephants.
 No biting is required. If you go to Habarana you do not have to go for two or more elephants.
 In addition, go to the Minneriya and Kaudulla National Parks and enjoy a fresh experience ,
 Not only Habarana but also the nearest to the nearest.
 That's where Ritigala is. Ritigala has a unique ecosystem in Sri Lanka. It is also another beautiful beautiful ecosystem. 
Biodiversity, as well as an archaeological value, is a very important place. And this is the highest place in the dry zone. 
Go to the Top Feeling Climate Change. Just like in the central highlands

05 Trincomalee

Get together with people, have fun, have a walk. View everything in there and around Trincomalee.
 This is why this area is very popular among tourists. So, really, what's in there? 
Frederick Fort is where most people in the city of Trincomalee are visiting. 
The Portuguese are the ones who are building this fort. The Dutch further developed this. 
This fortress land is the famous Koneshwaram temple. This temple is in the roof of the night.
 Even if the night is notoriously unusual in this place. It is also worth a visit to the Gokanna Raja Maha Viharaya.
 All these have been set up on the same ground.
 The Hood Tower Museum in Trincomalee too is an important place. When you go to Trino, you will remember the beautiful beaches.
 Marble Beach as well as Nivali Beach. The best places to spend your time. 
There are many places to visit from Trincomalee. Thiriyaya Girihandu Seya, Welgam Vihara, Seruwila Viharaya, Samudra Viharaya are important. But, 
it's not enough to see all these places. Stay the best for days. 
The country is young and there are so many other places to walk in this country. One of the best places to go for a holiday in Sri Lanka, 
holiday resorts, nice hotels. From Colombo, starting from Colombo, Nuwara Eliya, Bandarawela, Badulla,
 Talawakele, Yala, Kataragama, Pasikudah, Tissamaharama, Matara, Weligama, Mirissa, Unawatuna, Galle, Bentota, Uswetakeiyawa, Negombo,
 Marawila, Dambulla, Anuradhapura and Polonnaruwa will be there for you.

Best srilankan Holiday visiting place (Alla )

  • Alla in Sri Lanka needs everyone to go. If you ask him on one, you will say that he is a place full of natural and natural light
  • Everyone is listening and this is where they can go
  • - Little blind
  • - Fucking stone
  • - Ravana Ella
  • Ancient Bridge Bridge
  • - Door's temple - Lipton seats
  • - Adym Bungalow
  • - Leaf green tea leaves
  • - Namunukula Hill

  • After traveling from the North to Sri Lanka and from the North to the North, you can stop for two days and stop at Punchi Princess
  • , rode the Ellen Rock, Ravana Falls, Nalaka, Elle and walk along the Arukulu Nave Bridge. You can return to Demodara.
  • But if Ravana falls on the rain days, be careful. There's a lot of water coming in, like that.
  • The hell of a lot of misses is the devil's temple and the "Dubodaya Railway Loop". The Dowa Temple is King Walagamba.
  •  See also a history story. It's a beautiful place. The Proto-Loop is a little well-known, but not a lot of people. 
  • The only place in Sri Lanka that is traveling in the same Sri Lankan train. 
  • In the year 1921, the British were struggling to find obstacles in the construction of the railway line up to Badulla.
  •  The reason is that if the road is built up,
  •  then a sharp bend with a sharp bend will be required. 
  • How about taking a 30 degree-bore jerk this is the main challenge faced by the day. The response was given by renowned Sri Lankan DJ Wimalasurendra.
  •  Both of these obstacles could be won simultaneously by going back to the railway station and going back to the station about 70-80 feet in length. It is about 990 yards around the hill,
  •  and the construction of the railway line up to 42, the railway line on the upcountry railway line, the most difficult obstacle to the train up to Badulla. It is known as LOOPING IN LOOP. 

  • Here, the train coming from Fila and Kadawatha to Badulla crossing the Mullaitivu and moving towards Badulla crosses the station. 
  • This method was said to indicate the construction of a Sinhalese villager (dwarves) in the same way that he showed his head covering.
  •  This particular design is very impressive at the Demodara train station we can all have this little hamlets come back to us again.
  •  Do not leave poly bottles and bottles. In 10 years, this way, Ella says that it's a pretty village and tells me everything will help you to do it all.


A place to go home in Arugambay

A place to go home in Arugambay

There is nothing new to say Arugambay is one of the most beautiful beaches in Sri Lanka. A lot of people who like to sunbathe on a beautiful beaches on a beautiful beach are the first to choose from. On the surface of "Serpentine", the best beach to be called "Serfine" is the third in "Asia". Augeangaye with all these facilities is a great place to relax in the shores of the beach. It is easy for Arugam Bay to see places like the Maritime Viharaya, Magul Maha Vihara and other places like the Vihara Vihara like the national park.
It's about a great place to stay in Arugambay for a large number of tourists on vacation. The picturesque sannipah bungalow is one of the most beautiful places on the shores of Arugam Bay. It's a great place to relax here just like home. There's room for up to 12 people to stay here freely. There are three rooms in this large room with 6 large rooms and the other three can accommodate up to three persons.

Each of these rooms has A / C hot water facilities. It is Rs. 16,000 charged per 12 members per night. The team is even bigger than the 12th. Settlements can be arranged here. If there is such an increase, there will be an additional 3,000 rupees. You can get food and drink to eat here. It will have to pay a small amount of gas for it.
Children play a garden, stop enough vehicles to stop, everything is here. Anyway, it's a place to go home like this. This is a more affordable holiday resort, so there is more freedom here for more hotels. With my family and friends, we can all be here as one of the best places to stay in Arugambay. Click here to watch this bungalow and around the Google Street View.


Moon Plains (SADARALA THANNA) Moon Plains, or Moon Plains, are some of the most unusual places to come to Nuwara Eliya. When it comes to Nuwara Eliya the majority of people come to mind about the cold, or the high mountains, the tea estates and the strawberries. But potatoes are another important issue for the Nuwara Eliya. Most of the local potato production is taking place in Nuwara Eliya. And most of all, these are obtained from cultivated lands around the moonland. Two years ago, that is, the moon-land area for 2014 was opened for tourists. If you tell me this is a flat, green-faced landmass over grassland, it's more accurate. "The landmark of an agricultural and environmental zone is a very visible mountain, filled with spectacular scenery.Moon Plane is a mountain face. Therefore, the middle of the journey rises to a high altitude. This is the most beautiful scene we've ever seen in Sri Lanka. There is no mistake. Every side of the globe can be seen without disturbance for many kilometers.

 Like a little offshore. It was then that we first thought that the sky was so high. From here, you can see hundreds of high mountains around the horizon. Kirigolla, Ferugala and Hakgala are visible on one side and at the other side you can see the Piduruthalagala, Kinkiliyana and Namunukula mountains. Around the corner turning around. We do not need to say that when it is this evening or when the sun rises, it's pretty. If the clear bells of the Moon come here, you will be able to see it better. Unfortunately, the moonlight zone has been opened only from 7 am to 5 pm. It will be a great opportunity for you to get out of the loud noise surrounding Nuwara Eliya during season. It will be remembered for all that suffer from the birds, the animal and the trees in the natural ecosystems of Nuwara Eliya. Look forward to happiness.