Thursday, September 7, 2017

A place to go home in Arugambay

A place to go home in Arugambay

There is nothing new to say Arugambay is one of the most beautiful beaches in Sri Lanka. A lot of people who like to sunbathe on a beautiful beaches on a beautiful beach are the first to choose from. On the surface of "Serpentine", the best beach to be called "Serfine" is the third in "Asia". Augeangaye with all these facilities is a great place to relax in the shores of the beach. It is easy for Arugam Bay to see places like the Maritime Viharaya, Magul Maha Vihara and other places like the Vihara Vihara like the national park.
It's about a great place to stay in Arugambay for a large number of tourists on vacation. The picturesque sannipah bungalow is one of the most beautiful places on the shores of Arugam Bay. It's a great place to relax here just like home. There's room for up to 12 people to stay here freely. There are three rooms in this large room with 6 large rooms and the other three can accommodate up to three persons.

Each of these rooms has A / C hot water facilities. It is Rs. 16,000 charged per 12 members per night. The team is even bigger than the 12th. Settlements can be arranged here. If there is such an increase, there will be an additional 3,000 rupees. You can get food and drink to eat here. It will have to pay a small amount of gas for it.
Children play a garden, stop enough vehicles to stop, everything is here. Anyway, it's a place to go home like this. This is a more affordable holiday resort, so there is more freedom here for more hotels. With my family and friends, we can all be here as one of the best places to stay in Arugambay. Click here to watch this bungalow and around the Google Street View.

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