Thursday, September 7, 2017

Best srilankan Holiday visiting place (Alla )

  • Alla in Sri Lanka needs everyone to go. If you ask him on one, you will say that he is a place full of natural and natural light
  • Everyone is listening and this is where they can go
  • - Little blind
  • - Fucking stone
  • - Ravana Ella
  • Ancient Bridge Bridge
  • - Door's temple - Lipton seats
  • - Adym Bungalow
  • - Leaf green tea leaves
  • - Namunukula Hill

  • After traveling from the North to Sri Lanka and from the North to the North, you can stop for two days and stop at Punchi Princess
  • , rode the Ellen Rock, Ravana Falls, Nalaka, Elle and walk along the Arukulu Nave Bridge. You can return to Demodara.
  • But if Ravana falls on the rain days, be careful. There's a lot of water coming in, like that.
  • The hell of a lot of misses is the devil's temple and the "Dubodaya Railway Loop". The Dowa Temple is King Walagamba.
  •  See also a history story. It's a beautiful place. The Proto-Loop is a little well-known, but not a lot of people. 
  • The only place in Sri Lanka that is traveling in the same Sri Lankan train. 
  • In the year 1921, the British were struggling to find obstacles in the construction of the railway line up to Badulla.
  •  The reason is that if the road is built up,
  •  then a sharp bend with a sharp bend will be required. 
  • How about taking a 30 degree-bore jerk this is the main challenge faced by the day. The response was given by renowned Sri Lankan DJ Wimalasurendra.
  •  Both of these obstacles could be won simultaneously by going back to the railway station and going back to the station about 70-80 feet in length. It is about 990 yards around the hill,
  •  and the construction of the railway line up to 42, the railway line on the upcountry railway line, the most difficult obstacle to the train up to Badulla. It is known as LOOPING IN LOOP. 

  • Here, the train coming from Fila and Kadawatha to Badulla crossing the Mullaitivu and moving towards Badulla crosses the station. 
  • This method was said to indicate the construction of a Sinhalese villager (dwarves) in the same way that he showed his head covering.
  •  This particular design is very impressive at the Demodara train station we can all have this little hamlets come back to us again.
  •  Do not leave poly bottles and bottles. In 10 years, this way, Ella says that it's a pretty village and tells me everything will help you to do it all.


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